The Top 3 Things I Learnt After Racing My First Fat Bike Race

So I love racing! I raced and coached cross country running for years. I’m used to running 19 mins on the trail. The only thing I'd have with me are my running shoes and maybe some gloves that I eventually throw away. So once my boss signed us all up for a 25 mile Fat Bike race, I was definitely sweating.

I panicked. What do I wear? What do I bring? Do I wear a backpack? And most importantly, my fear of relying on a bike and not just my legs….  

So being my first Fat Bike race, these are some things I learnt about the game.

Have Fun

I was nervous more than anything. The fear of coming in last and having everyone at the finish line pointing and laughing at me was haunting me.

Obviously, this was my silly self jumping to conclusions and thinking the worst. I let my fear begin to take me over. I had to remind myself that everyone is rooting for me succeed. I wanted everyone to succeed, and so did they. 

Plus, this wasn’t the Tour de France. It was just a fun ride that happened to be timed. Seeing smiles all around, my fears subsided and I was ready to have fun!  And fun it was!!!

Bring a multi-tool
The old “it will never happen to ME”… well it did.

I decided to drop the idea of bringing a pack with me, and was left with limited pocket room.  I filled my pockets with energy gummies galore and my phone (you never know when someone is going to call me saying I won a million bucks).

Sadly, after making out with a tree, my saddle came loose. Being that gummies can’t fix that and riding with a very loose saddle is more difficult that it might seem, I was screwed (no pun intended).

Thankfully, a nice gentleman helped me out and got me shredding again. Thanks again, whoever you are!  

Make sure you drink water before and during
We are all told to make sure you drink enough water everyday, bla bla blaaaa. But honestly, drinking water is suuuuper important when riding, especially if you are out for 3 hours!

Being a former xc runner, I’m used to drinking water only before a race and never during, so the amount of water that I THOUGHT I needed and the amount I actually needed were VERY DIFFERENT.

Also, the mild conditions paired with my gore jacket made me sweat a little more than I anticipated. We are all different and this is just something I still need to play around with and pay more attention to.

All in all, I would 1000% do it again! And maybe plus some more......
Thank you Trek Farley, I can't wait to shred you next Polar Roll!


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