The Campground

Welcome to the Velorution Campground!

Download the provided brochure to get the ins and outs of the campsite!
Your journey is exciting and we want to hear all about it.

Send us your story (via below- Contact by Email) and we will gladly post it on our blog - Campground Stories!


Here at the Velorution, we provide you with free camping and restroom facilities. 
In return we kindly ask you to read the following:

Setup camp in the small campground located behind the shop. Please leave the area as clean, or cleaner than you found it. Recycling boxes and garbage cans are located next to the washroom door. Also, be considerate of our neighbors by keeping noise to a minimum. If the weather is bad, feel free to pitch tents in the canopy outside of shop hours.

Access to the shower and bathroom is via the middle door and requires a code to enter after hours.
Call Jan for the code at 705 975 4032
Inside, there is a plug to charge any devices you may have. Please make an effort to keep the bathroom clean. Cleaning supplies are located inside the cabinet.

BEFORE 9:30 pm & AFTER 6:30pm
BEFORE 8:30 pm & AFTER 5:30 pm

WIFI is available free of charge. Please ask staff for code.

We understand that bike travelers often need work done on their bikes. We do our best to accommodate your needs but be aware that our mechanics are quite busy during peak season. If you need specific parts, call ahead to ensure we have the parts. Please prepare to leave your bike and explore the city while we get to it.

Gifts of canned fermented barley beverages are always appreciated.