The Everest is aptly named. To conquer the highest peak in your neck of the woods, you need the right tools. This snowshoe was made for climbing, with a set of metal crampons that bite into the snowy hill. What’s more, its polymer deck provides lightness and comfort as snow easily glides off. This snowshoe was named 2014 Gear of the Year by Outside Magazine for it’s combination of features and its amazing functionality. It offers great traction, superb ergonomics, features designed to take on the steepest mountain, and all that at a surprising weight.



Technical Details

  • User Profile: Backcountry : Snowshoes specifically designed for technical hikers and backcountry explorers pushing themselves to new summits. Perfect for steep hills and descents in various snow and ice conditions.
  • Snowshoes Frame: U-BAR technology: U-shaped profile reinforcing the deck structure
  • Harness: Contact Trek is padded, flexible in cold temperatures and retains its grip on your hiking or trekking boots.
  • Closure System: Boa® closure system: User-friendly, winter-proof and lifetime warranty. “The best closure system on the market.”
  • Crampons: Traxion HCS front crampons: High carbon steel crampons for multidirectional traction.
  • Pivot: Freemotion pivot: Free foot rotation on axle for an efficient stride. The rotation controller prevents the snowshoe from hitting the leg.
  • Decking: EDGE molded polymer deck: Lightweight, sturdy, and resistant down to -40°C. U-BAR technology reinforces the underside for a responsive perimeter while a stiff underfoot provides lively, reliable strides., Snowfree surface: Excellent snow shedding from deck.
  • Heel Raiser: Gradient heel raiser: Reduces calf fatigue while climbing.
  • Ergonomics: Designed for easy walking in trail or powder.
  • Warranty: Lifetime limited warranty
  • Snowshoes Sizes:822: 4.2 lb / 1.9 kg827: 4.44 lb / 2 kg

User weight:

822: 80 – 160 lb / 36 – 73 kg

827: 125 – 225 lb / 57 – 91 kg