COVID-19 Procedures

COVID-19 Procedures

Post-Holiday Lockdown

During the winter holiday lockdown, we will be open for curbside service. Please phone ahead at 705-253-9388 and pay over the phone or directly in your Velorution Rewards app when possible. We will meet you at the door and serve you outside.

After the lockdown, we will return to operating in the fashion below:

During the global pandemic, we are open for business, but we’re taking extra precautions to keep our community safe. Read on to find out how we’re operating:

  1. We are limiting access to the store to four members of the public at a time.
    • Please plan your visit. If we’re fitting your whole family for skis, then obviously we need to see all of you, but if you’re stopping in for items for one person, it will be quicker and safer if only one person comes in to shop.
    • If you are tight on time or your whole family needs to visit, please call ahead at 705-253-9388 to make an appointment.
  2. Both staff and customers will wear face coverings while indoors that cover both the mouth and nose.
  3. Disinfect hands regularly and upon entering the building and regularly there after.
  4. Digital payment methods are encouraged. We have a wireless terminal to serve you in the store or curbside.
    • VISA/MasterCard/Interac in person via PIN or tap.
    • VISA/Mastercard via the Velorution Rewards app.
    • VISA/Mastercard over the phone at 705-253-9388.
  5. Employees and customers will respect 2 meters social distancing.