VirtualTraining Legend – Larry Tomie

The FIRST VirtualTraining user to achieve a “Legend” status, Mr. Larry Tomie!

[Over 18 months Larry completed 778 rides with the total distance of 9791.4 km. Longest Ride: 120.6 km. Total time: 426h 35min. This is incredible but at the same time a quite achievable result for any goal-oriented cyclist that trains on a constant basis. Here we have to note, that at the moment it is not necessary to ride the same amount of miles to get a “Legend” status. It is being awarded based on the mix of completed levels, challenges and scored points.]

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Jan’s favorite indoor training app- Zwift

For those nights you can’t leave the house but want to ride with your friends from around the world!
We’ve got you covered!
Come checkout our rad trainers, compatible with all your favorite training apps!

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We Have a Trek Women’s Advocate!

Meet our Trek Women’s Advocate Stephanie Eusebi!

Her focus is to provide more opportunities for women to ride bikes. With the help of her new Farley 9.9 Stephanie will be hosting rides for women of all riding levels, along with clinics to provide training that will help you develop your riding abilities.

Stay tuned for upcoming rides and clinics!

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Look at This Fat CAAD

Big congrats to Mr. Jeff! He is now rockin’ a ballin’ new FAT CAAD that’s ready for anything and everything!

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