Titty Tuesday Ladies MTB Ride

The trails are clear and ready to go for our first Titty Tuesday Ladies Ride of the season, starting May 16th at 6:30!

Meet at Hiawatha Highlands, in the parking lot next to the blue building!

This is one of our most popular rides to date! We welcome all lady riders and riders to-be!

What to Expect
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Ladies Food Demo Night

Big thanks to all the ladies that came out last night (April 18th)!!

For those of you who weren’t able to make it, I’ve attached a copy of all the recipes made that night!Continue reading

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Biking in New Zealand

I was lucky to leave the winter darkness and visit New Zealand with our 4 year old son (Joshua) and my 75 year mother for 3 weeks in February. Traveling as a family is definitely different than the adventure traveling Jan and I have experienced in the past but also wonderful.

Here are some observations from gearing down' and enjoying the slow lane biking with my son Joshua in New Zealand.

We packed Josh's bicycle in a duffle bag and flew 18 hours to the opposite side of the world. I knew bringing Josh's bike would give us (me) more freedom to experience the amazing hiking and biking trails but I had no idea how many trails there were going to be!

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The Top 3 Things I Learnt After Racing My First Fat Bike Race

So I love racing! I raced and coached cross country running for years. I’m used to running 19 mins on the trail. The only thing I'd have with me are my running shoes and maybe some gloves that I eventually throw away. So once my boss signed us all up for a 25 mile Fat Bike race, I was definitely sweating.

I panicked. What do I wear? What do I bring? Do I wear a backpack? And most importantly, my fear of relying on a bike and not just my legs….  

So being my first Fat Bike race, these are some things I learnt about the game.

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3 Tips To Help Stay Motivated In 2017

Post-Holiday Reboot!

So we've just finished stuffing our faces with endless amounts of chocolate, desserts, beer, and more chocolate! If you are like me, you are feeling pretty guilty. Guilt for not being outside enough and for eating WAY too much food (though my Italian grandmother begs to differ).

The holidays are over and now it’s time to get back to the grind! This happens every year, we tell ourselves we’ll get back into it in the new year, but it’s short lived. Life happens and we get sucked into the old routines we know best.

So, instead of telling ourselves that this year will be different and making unattainable goals (like, riding my bike for 5 hours every single day and eating ONLY spinach and chicken), we’re going to focus on staying motivated and making realistic goals that are attainable.

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A Fat Biker’s Top 5 Life Savers


Winter is here and it's time to get those fat bikes and skis out playing in the snow! The snow looks beautiful and mystical but as soon as you step foot outside, the cold crisp air makes you want to run back inside and hide in a blanket forever!

Take it from a "perma-cold" human, the first step into the cold air is always a struggle.

Coming from a downhill ski background, I'm used to wearing a BIG jacket with EVEN BIGGER snow pants (usually Betty Boop pj's underneath), and 3 layers of socks. Yet, I was STILL cold.

Now, being a fat biker, it isn't practical to wear such big and heavy clothing (sorry Betty Boop). Dressing for fat biking and xc skiing is WAY different.

With the help of the internet (who knew it could be so useful), and talking with my coworkers (they are pretty helpful too :P), I've finally got this winter dressing thing down to an art. And now, I want to share it with all my lady shredders!

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We Have a Trek Women’s Advocate!

Meet our Trek Women’s Advocate Stephanie Eusebi!

Her focus is to provide more opportunities for women to ride bikes. With the help of her new Farley 9.9 Stephanie will be hosting rides for women of all riding levels, along with clinics to provide training that will help you develop your riding abilities.

Stay tuned for upcoming rides and clinics!

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