Bike Rentals – $50 per day

Photo by Martin Lortz

Come try out our latest fat, electric, and mountain rental bikes. Our fat bikes can be rented year round and offer a great winter experience on our groomed fat bike trails or local hub trail. We offer top of the line mountain and pedal-assist mountain bikes to ride our Hiawatha mountain bike trails. Whether you are new to riding, visiting the area, or in the market for a new bike, come to the shop and rent your bike today!

Electric Bikes

These pedal-assist bikes are all the rage! Whether you are going for a cruise around the Sault Ste. Marie Hub Trail, looking for an easier commute, wanting to keep up with the speedy kids, or wanting to rip around Hiawatha, these do the job perfectly! They not only make you faster but once you are on one, you can’t stop smiling!