Jan Roubal, Bossman

Riding Style: Smashing pedals

Riding Accomplishment: My last ride

Why I ride: Keeps me sane

jan roubal
Sault Ste. Marie ON Canada

Latest Ride: Evening Ride
2017-07-20  18:42  11.4  181

Ngaire Roubal, The Real Boss

Riding Style: For fun, mountain-biking, road biking and commuting

Riding Accomplishment: Inca trails in Peru, long days riding in the mountains and enjoying the winding single-track down

Why I ride: I ride because it makes me feel good, nothing beats exploring on your bicycle and it's healthy

Ngaire Roubal
Sault Ste. Marie Ontario Canada

Latest Ride: Morning Slip and slide
2017-06-04  10:29  9.6  41

Rob White

Rob White, The Animal/Bike Tech

Riding Style: All to its own

Riding Accomplishment: Loser Ride Leader

Why I ride: Good for my mind, body, and soul

Robert White
Sault Ste. Marie Ontario Canada

Latest Ride: Is land
2017-07-09  08:28  220.6  1,022

Steve Golec, Bike Tech

Riding Style: More gravel the better

Riding Accomplishment: The Birkie fat bike race

Why I ride: Only stable thing in my life

steve golec
Sault Ste. Marie Ontario Canada

Latest Ride: Evening Ride
2017-07-18  18:32  28.7  300

Joel Wenham, Manager

Riding Style:  Wild and on the edge of control

Riding Accomplishment: 9th place Enduro face (on a fat bike)

Why I ride: Life makes sense now

Joel Wenham
Sault Ste. Marie ON Canada

Latest Ride: thursday night fun fest
2017-07-13  18:55  10.8  91

Danielle AnstessMom and Cycling Advocate

Riding Style: Mountain biker

Riding Accomplishment: Iceman in under 2 hours

Why I ride: Because it makes me happy 🙂

Danielle Anstess
Heyden ON Canada

Latest Ride: Hub trail fun
2017-07-22  18:49  17.8  94

Stephanie Eusebi, Trek Women's Advocate

Riding Style: Everything mountain

Riding Accomplishment: Being able to conquer my fears

Why I ride: To feel free

Stephanie Eusebi
Sault Ste. Marie Ontario Canada

Latest Ride: Happy Velo Day
2017-07-22  08:02  26.8  87